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How fresh is the coffee?

Every package has a roast date, so you can see exactly how fresh it is. While coffee is a shelf-stable product that does not expire, it will lose freshness over time.

Maximum freshness for coffee is between 3 and 21 days after roasting. For the first three days, the coffee needs to breathe. After 21 days, you begin to lose the aroma and rich flavor.

FBO Coffee subscriptions ensure peak freshness and a continually elevated coffee experience.

What is the quality of the coffee?

FBO Coffee performs cuppings from regions around the world to select the best cup of coffee we can find. Much of the quality is not controlled but discovered: the quality of the soil, the right altitude, the growing and harvesting process of the farmer, and the timing and quantity of rain and sun over the season.

However, once discovered, we partner with the local farmers over the long term. We enthusiastically support a superior product that commands a premium to secure the success of the farm and families.
Starting with a great product, roasted to taste and delivered fresh yields an excellent cup.

Is the coffee a single source or blend?

Our selections are regional blends. We source beans within a single region of a single country for select coffee farmers. We believe this adds complexity and consistency while maintaining a local flavor from a unique corner of the world.

Why light roast?

A light roast to the first crack releases beans' oils, aromas, and flavors. Additional roasting will add a char flavor that can interact with (or overpower) the natural notes of the beans.

We believe that the quality of the beans speaks for themselves and offer a light roast to share the choice experience.

Is the coffee certified organic?

No, on a technicality.*

*Certified organic is a classification assessed at every process stage from farm to table. FBO Coffee is grown and harvested to certified organic standards.

Our storehouse needs an isolated space away from non-organic foods to achieve a certified organic label. This is in progress, and we hope to receive this certification soon.

Why 3 oz pouches?

3 oz coffee pouches integrate seamlessly into the operating environment of private aviators. Easy to pack, no special equipment necessary, and pre-measured to preserve ideal ratios.

Fly-in, hand a pouch to FBO staff to brew, load, and go. The simplest way to achieve incredible quality.

Do you offer 12oz or 20oz bags?

Let us know if you are interested in 12 oz or 20 oz packs for home consumption! This coffee may quickly become your go-to brew, and adding larger sizes, ground and whole bean, are in the works.

Do you offer other coffee selections?

We are exploring additional offerings!


I placed my order, when do I receive my first shipment?

Once you place your order, you will be in the queue to receive your coffee on the next roasting cycle. We roast every two weeks, and you will receive a notification when your coffee is roasted and shipped.

If you missed the roasting cutoff and stock is available, we will do our best to ship your coffee ahead of schedule.

How many packs should I order?

Every coffee pack is composed of five single pot pouches. On a subscription plan, you will recieve 26 shipments of fresh coffee throughout the year. For example, if ordering 4 packs, you will receive 20 pouches every two weeks, or 540 pouches per year. This averages to 45 pouches per month.

What is your roast schedule?

We roast every other Monday, except for major holidays. We ship within 24 hours of roast. FBO Coffee is centrally located within the US, and most operations will receive their coffee within three days when it is at peak freshness.

Can I change my subscription?

You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time prior to roasting.


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