Ethically sourced, specialty-grade coffee, roasted to order, packaged for private aviators, shipped fresh bi-weekly.


Born at altitude in the Huehuetenango, "Land of the Ancients" region of the Western highlands in Guatemala.

Elevation 4900-6500ft


Fully washed Bourbon, Catuai, Pache, and Caturra cherries selected directly from the local dry mill.

Ethically sourced and invested in sustainable land practices to support local farming communities.


Lightly roasted to order to accentuate the natural qualities and flavor profiles of the specialty beans.

Resulting in a smooth cup with mild flavor notes and a rich aroma.


Packaged in 3 oz pouches for whole pot brews. Designed to accompany flight department operations and enhance elite travel experiences.

Shipped every other week on subscription for maximal freshness.

Savor the Flight